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Rehabilitation of Hand

It is the pre- and post rehabilitation process of Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon and nerve injuries, burns, amputation and the various hands surgical operations.It covers the rehabilitation of the region from hand up to the shoulder.

Rehabilitation of Hand


Long inactivity after the wrist, fingers, arm fractures may results in swelling, pain and movement limitation. With the help of hand rehabilitation, the difficulties experienced reduced, and the adjustment process is accelerated.

Tendon and Nerve Injuries

The majority of this type of injury is the result of work or home accidents. After the surgical procedure to repair the tendon injury, physical therapy is essential to prevent sticking. After the surgical procedure to repair the nerve injury may take time to recovery of senses. Physical therapy helps to shorten this time.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The anatomical structure of muscle and ligament from the arm to the hand is known as carpal tunnel or canal. Carpal tunnel located within the median nerve, may exposure to pressure. This pressure leads to compression of the median nerve over time. The emerging disease with symptoms of jam numbness in the fingers pale, arm and hand pain and tingling is called as carpal tunnel syndrome. Although repetitive hand and wrist movements known to increase risk for carpal tunnel, the main cause for the majority of patients is idiopathic. Mostly physical therapy and drug therapy in mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome is enough if the causes are known. The surgical treatment is practiced severe conditions with in unknown causes. Performing exercises scheduled by specialist physiotherapists, before and after the surgery is important for the healing process.

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