Patient Rights

Patient Rights

Getting benefits of service.

Information and Request for Information.

Selecting and Changing Health Organization or Personnel.



Obtaining Health Services in a Safe Environment.

Freedom of religious obligations.

Respect and comfort.

Visitors and accompanying friends or families

Complaints and Litigation Rights.

Patient Responsibilities

That the applicant complies with the rules and practices of institutions and acts with the awareness of being part of diagnosis and treatment team with an participatory approach.

Patient informs about complaints, earlier diseases, treatments received, medical interventions seen, the drugs if used and information about health status if not used as complete and accurate as possible.

Patient visits for control on the time specified by the physician and gives feedbacks on the progress of the treatment.

Patients complies with the appointment date and time and place, and informs about the changes.

Patient respect prioritized patients according to the relevant regulations and rights of other patients and staff.

Patient avoids verbal or physical abuse.

In case of breach or problem, patient contacts the Patient Communication Department

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